Calling All Book Lovers!

An Interview with the President of CNU Book Club


Do you love reading for fun, but as a college student with a busy schedule, you can’t seem to find time for it in between your academics? It’s quite common for college students to become so wrapped up in school assignments and extracurricular activities that it becomes a challenge to just sit down and read in their free time. 


Sophomore, Candyce Harrell, had these exact thoughts. She told The Captain’s Log, “I start to lose sense of reading stuff that’s actually enjoyable with all the school work that I have, especially as an English major. A lot of times, we’re just reading for class. It’s hard to, after you finish all your homework, to be like, ‘oh let me pick up a novel.’”


This desire to maintain better reading habits led her to create the CNU Book Club. 


Candyce told The Captain’s Log, “Me and my friends were talking late one night and we were thinking that we all kind of wanted, for the new year, to read a lot more, but we all struggled keeping ourselves accountable.”


The club meets monthly to discuss a chosen book and announce the following week’s book. The readings are typically young adult (YA) novels chosen by suggestion or vote. 

Absolutely anyone can join the CNU Book Club, Candyce, who is double majoring in English and studio art, explained. Members do not need to be English majors to participate. 


 “We hope that people can just find a space where they can talk to people that enjoy similar things as them and we also want them to get back into reading for fun again,” said Candyce.


Even though it was founded just last December, many students have already shown interest in the club. A few students shared why they chose to be a part of CNU Book Club and their favorite part of being a member.


Abby Haney, a sophomore, double majoring in Psychology and Leadership, said, “I like that club members have a lot of power to control how meetings progress and eventually get to decide on what books we read! I think it’s a great environment overall for fostering a love for reading”


When asked what made her join CNU Book Club, junior neuroscience major, Colleen Neff said, “My love for books! I have been a big reader since I was in Elementary school, and I was so excited when I heard about the creation of a CNU book club!”


Freshman English major, Katherine Becker said, “I joined because I love reading middle-grade and young adult literature. It’s always been a fun way to distract myself from stress and schoolwork. The stories aren’t usually as serious or as complicated as the books we read in English literature classes, so even as a student in the English program, where I’m having to read all the time, this is a good break.”


She also praised the club for being accommodating and understanding of any financial restraints that students might face, “I really like how the club leaders are making the books accessible for us. Books can be expensive, and they are doing their best to make sure we don’t have to buy a copy of our monthly book if we don’t want to.”


CNU Book Club will meet next month on Feb. 11 at 12p.m. where the group will talk about “A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder” and also reveal the following month’s novel.


To join or find out more about CNU Book Club, request to be a member on their CNU Compass page, email [email protected], or contact them on their Instagram: @cnubookclub.