8 Great Horror Authors Not Named Stephen King

Are you looking for a good horror book but want to branch out from the usual top authors like Stephen King? The good news is that there is a vast world of talented horror writers out there that’s scaring audiences and here are eight that have published some truly great, and terrifying, books. 


1.Paul Tremblay 

Paul Tremblay has seen a wave of success in recent years. He builds his stories with incredible characters and mind bending and thought provoking plotlines and you’ll be glued to every last word. He can fill you with heartbreak for his character’s suffering and dread at the oncoming horror in the same page. His bibliography includes A Head Full of Ghosts, Survivor Song, and The Cabin At The End Of The World (which will be adapted into the film Knock at The Cabin this year). His newest book The Pallbearer’s Club just hit shelves back in July. 


  1. J. W. Ocker

Whether you want to be terrified with bizarre and fascinating fiction, read The Black Slide and  Death and Douglas. If you want to learn something spooky, read The United States of Cryptids and A Season with The Witch. J.W. Ocker has been able to write great fiction and nonfiction books with his unique style. His intricate knowledge of American folklore and horror makes him an excellent author to read.


3.Joe Hill

Joe Hill’s success doesn’t just come from being the son of Stephen King (Hill’s real name is Joseph Hill King). His success comes from his body of work of terrifying supernatural horror. His short story collection 20th Century Ghosts won a Bram Stoker Award. His other books include The Fireman, Heart Shaped Box, Horns, and the Locke and Key comic book series. Hill’s short story The Black Phone was recently adapted and became a box office hit. 


4.Victor LaVelle

LaVelle can blend social criticism, fantasy, and horror incredibly well. He’s been able to bring classic stories like Horror at Red Hook and Frankenstein into the literary sphere again with his works. His work has earned him several literary awards. His books include Ballad of Black Tom, Destroyer, and The Changeling


5.Junji Ito

Junji Ito is more than an accomplished horror manga writer and artist, he’s an international phenomenon. The Japanese writer’s created bone chilling works such as Uzumaki, Tomie, and The Hanging Balloons. The stories, which range from psychological to cosmic horror, mixed with his heavily detailed art will stick with you for years after you first read them.


6.Stephen Graham Jones

Stepehen Graham Jones’ brand of horror is hard to give just one title. This indigenous author has been able to instill fear through any avenue of horror. He can use his craft to write something so deeply disturbing but still be able to work his way into your mind to get you hooked on his books. Jones’ books include The Only Good Indians, My Heart is a Chainsaw, and Mongrels


7.Alma Katsu

One of the most important parts of any spooky tale is the setting, Alma Katsu excels at building a setting for her stories. She’s blended horror with real life historical events like the Donner Party and the sinking of Titanic. The intense attention to detail she gives to her setting, characters, and plot makes it ten times scarier. Her books include The Taker trilogy, The Fervor, and The Deep


8.Grady Hendrix

This eccentric author from Charleston has been taking the horror world by storm lately. His dark sense of humor and creative ways to create horror blend into just super great reads. His vast, PhD level knowledge of the genre allows him to confidently try everything. His books include The Final Girls Support Group, Horrorstör, and My Best Friend’s Exorcism (which became a film last fall). His newest book, How To Sell A Haunted House, hit shelves on January 17th.