Uggs: Just Horse Hooves?


Uggs have been resurfacing into the mainstream fashion world for long enough without their being an honest conversation about them. I am happy that we are in the age of allowing people to wear what they want as long as it doesn’t harm anyone and makes them happy, but I do want to take a moment to discuss why Uggs have come back into fashion in the way that they have without judging those who wear Uggs. Fashion trends say a lot about what is occurring culturally, and lately there have been a lot of 2000s and 2010s trends resurfacing. This is due to many reasons. One being microtrends moving so fast that we are already recycling trends from ten or less years ago to find something new to fixate on. Another being that objectively the projections of the future are looking rather grim, so people look to the good ol’ days of the past to bring them comfort. This phenomenon is not just seen through the resurgence of Uggs. There has also been a resurgence of low rise jeans, layering tops like Vampire Diaries character Elena Gilbert, faux fur, and many more. However, no other fashion trend has taken storm the way Uggs have. What is interesting about the resurgence of Uggs is that it can be added to the modern style that is often seen in modern streetwear, Kim K athletic, skin tight bodysuit or matching set. The Uggs are not just coming back. They have been reinvented meaning that they will probably stick around for a while, or that their resurgence will be even more cringey to look back on. 

There are many different styles of Uggs. The ones that can be seen the most are the Ultra Mini Uggs that have a shorter leg that barely covers the ankle unlike the Uggs that were seen in the early 2000s. The Ultra Mini Uggs are also platforms. I love a good platform, and the platform on the Uggs make them look more high quality. However, there are moments when I see TikToks of people’s “get ready with me” videos and they put on the Ultra Mini Uggs with leg warmers and it looks like horse hooves. I am very torn about whether this means Uggs are not for me. On one hand the overall aesthetic of putting on a one piece bodysuit with a shrug and leg warmers lets me live my ballerina fantasy, but on the other am I going to cringe at how giant my feet look in Uggs one day? There are also the Tazmin Uggs that also come in a platform option. I have decided that those are too hoof-like for me to participate in, and also somewhat pointless because the sheepskin inside does not cover the ankle leaving them to freeze. 

Overall Uggs are coveted for reason besides their looks. They are genuinely comfortable and keep your feet extremely warm. For the comfort alone they are almost worth the price. The issue is I think Uggs look better without a platform, but the platform allows for outside wear that can withstand most weather. Therefore, the decision comes to do I want to pay over $100 for really comfortable house slippers or horse hooves?