Study Spot Ranking for Midterms, Worst to Best

If you’re able to study in the DSU, you deserve a medal. Even though there are tables and you’re not far from food, it’s busy at all points of the day. Whether it’s meal time traffic or one of the other major occurrences on campus, it’s not going to give you the peace you desire. The DSU provides lots of services, but a peaceful study environment isn’t one of them.

On a beautiful day, going outside to study sounds like a perfectly fun thing to do. With the sun out and the sky clear, you can get knowledge and fresh air. But the weather in Virginia is less stable than CNU’s wifi. It’s a complete hit or miss if the weather is going to be good enough to sit outside in, let alone study in. Also if you have seasonal allergies, it’s a definite pass.

Cafes have long been stereotyped as being good environments to study in. Einsteins has its upsides to study in. You can get a drink and work at any of the major tables or the study room. It has outlets for when you need to charge your device and its connected to the library. However, you have to know what is the best time to be there to work. Avoid meal times or extremely active days on campus if you’re looking to get work done in Einsteins.

3. General Library Study Rooms
This refers to the study rooms from the theater within the library to the front of the library. Each study room is somewhat different. You have the large reading rooms, the small windowless study spaces, the tables out in the open, and other rooms to use. If there is any downside to them it’s that the closer you are to the front of the library, the more likely you are to get distracted by mild noise.

Your dorm room is a blank canvas that you can make as homely as you wish when you get to CNU. You can also turn it into the perfect study space. In the privacy of your own space, you can get all your studying done in whatever style you’re most comfortable in. You can be at your desk or in your bed, it’s yours to decide. When you’re at your most comfortable, you can study better. The only downside is that you get cabin fever and go stir crazy inside your dorm for too long.

1.Rosemary Trible Reading Room
The back of CNU library holds a gold mine in peace and quiet, the Rosemary Trible Reading Room. With a plethora of study rooms inside, you are almost guaranteed to find one and study away. It is never noisy, never disruptive, and spacy. This place is designed to be the perfect study space and it does an excellent job of being so.