Stranger on Campus

On Wednesday, Aug. 17, a movie night on the lawn was held for freshmen as a part of the various Welcome Week activities. Roughly halfway through the movie students began to notice a man stumbling along the walkways surrounding The Great Lawn, speaking incoherently and making gunshot noises. It was unclear whether the man, dressed in a stained white shirt and sweatpants, was a member of the student body. That is until a number of CNU football players recognised the individual from earlier in the day as a stranger and potential danger to those on campus, and called CNU PD.

 Robbie Pritchett, a freshman who attended the movie night, described his view of events, “He sat right in front of me. He was sweating, laughing, and talking to himself, making gun noises with his mouth. He looked like a student so I didn’t make anything of it. That’s when I realized nobody had ever seen this guy before. All the sudden CNU PD showed up and chased him across the lawn”. According to CNU PD’s official crime log, the man was apprehended and charged with trespassing and obstruction after fleeing the scene.