CNU’s Latino Student Association

An interview with LSA President Sofia Duque

Did you know that there’s a Latino Student Association (LSA) on campus? The Captain’s Log interviewed the president of the LSA, Sofia Duque, about her organization and the importance of having a safe place for diversity on campus. 


So what is the LSA and who can join? Duque, a junior cellular molecular and physiological biology major, says that the LSA is meant to help connect people to their culture. 


“More than anything, I think having visibility on campus is super important. And representation is super important because we want people to know that we’re here.” 

she continued, “I don’t want people to have to look so hard to find people that they can relate to and connect with,” Duque said. 


The LSA is Latino based but not exclusive which means that the club is open to all who are interested in joining. 

“Something big about our culture is we pride ourselves in making people feel welcomed and nurtured and at home,” said Duque. 


She explained that the LSA holds informative events where they have open conversations about culture, identity and what it means to be Latino. Duque acknowledged that it can be hard for some people to find their cultural identity, but she encourages people to seek out and embrace their culture. 


In addition, the LSA works with other minority organizations on campus. Duque said, “Something that I’ve found is that the only way at a PWI to be able to bring up minorities and really bring up representation is to just bond with other minority organizations.”


 The LSA and Campus Activities Board host a Dia de los Muertos event every year. They are also working with the Multicultural Alumni Chapter to host a cooking class and they plan to have a discussion panel with the Latin American Studies Department in the near future. The LSA works with sister organizations outside of CNU at other universities too. For example, they recently collaborated with the LSA at James Madison University. 


The club is also meant to be a social experience. They plan fun activities such as going out to eat at local hispanic restaurants, going to the beach, and participating in Alpha Phi’s annual Stroll to the Polls dance competition. 


When asked what her club brings to the CNU community, Duque said, “I feel like we try to bring a safe space for diverse individuals to feel at home and that’s important in a primarily white institution, in this PWI that we’re in.” 


She added, “I think we also just generally bring a sense of joy. That’s what our cultures are. We are joyous. I feel like that’s just reflected in our food, in our music, in the way that we interact with people and the way that we are with people. It’s joy.”


The LSA’s motto is “Latinos Unidos” or “United Latinos” and Duque’s message to CNU students is, “If you’re ever feeling lonely or confused about your identity. If you want a community of people that will care about you, come to LSA. We’re here for you.”

To join the LSA you can connect with them on The Compass page or email [email protected] directly to be added to their GroupMe. You can also find them on Instagram at cnu_lsa.