Six Essential CNU Instagram Pages for every Captain at CNU


  1. cnu_memes

The largest page on this list, cnu_memes has 3,310 followers and close to 300 posts as of Sunday. The account usually posts multiple times a month during the semester about various topics every student at Christopher Newport University can relate to. From running jokes regarding Kevin Hughes’ emails consistently carrying bad news to posts about the dining halls and Greek Life, cnu_memes does a great job of capturing the cultural attitudes of our community on every-day activities here at CNU.

  1. cnu.crushes

Ever tried out an outfit you thought looked great and wondered if random strangers thought the same? cnu.crushes posts anonymous direct messages of students here at CNU about strangers they find attractive around campus. Another large page, cnu.crushes has over 700 followers and 100 posts, making it a relatively niche community of CNU secret admirers. Posts include descriptions of attractive people seen in academic buildings, Einstein’s Café, on the Great Lawn, and more, such as “Phillies t-shirt, short brown hair, beard, black watch, black backpack that says, “honor day” in the library with a camo jacket,” and, “really tall ginger guy whose outfits are always really nice.”

  1. cnu_overheard

At some point, everyone has said a sentence or two that, when taken out of context, might sound questionable at best. cnu_overheard posts direct messages of students here at CNU who did end up hearing some of these questionable phrases out of context that left them pondering what on earth the speaker could have been talking about. An even smaller and newer page of 390 followers and close to 70 posts, cnu_overheard has a few gems in its feed including, “if step 1 is you’re still madly in love with him and step 100 is you’re completely over him, right now you’re only at like step 15,” and, “No, it’s not fine. Have you noticed how every time you say its fine our life starts falling apart?”

  1. real.cnu.soup

One of the less humorous but admittedly more informative of the CNU Instagram pages, real.cnu.soup posts relatively frequently about different soups served at either Regattas or Commons with a picture and review, each with a corresponding soup-styled pun. The second smallest page on this list, real.cnu.soup tops out with just 67 followers and 26 posts, making it a tight-nit community of campus soup connoisseurs. real.cnu.soup rated the Italian Wedding Ball soup a “very solid soup kind of like a better chicken noodle,” with an official rating of 7.2. Conversely, the account had a less favorable review of the Buffalo Chicken Soup, saying it “tasted like canned buffalo chicken dip mixed with water—pretty odd, would not recommend,” with an official rating of 3.8. If you’re a daily soup eater at one of CNU’s dining halls or interested in starting, real.cnu.soup might be a good place to continue or start your soup-eating journey.

  1. isit.soup.cnu

A similar yet notably different page from the prior entry, isit.soup.cnu posts regular photos of various food dishes from one of CNU’s two dining halls and other local eateries and rates it on a scale from one to ten, one being as different as possible from a soup and ten being a certain soup dish. An intimate page of 45 followers and just 14 posts, if there was any ambiguity towards the soupiness of a particular entrée, isit.soup.cnu might just be the page for you. Ratings include a bagel at 3/10 as it is not a soup but certainly good in a soup, a pudding cake at 8/10, CNU Chilly at 10/10, and a shocking 0/10 for Noodles & Co.’s tomato soup for being too similar to marinara sauce.

  1. cnu.squirrels

A cult classic among students here at CNU, cnu.squirrels represents the squirrel population of the CNU community. At 1,223 followers and 77 posts, this account posts pictures submitted by students of squirrels around campus, from lounging across brick walls to hanging off window screens to napping on picnic tables and eating on light fixtures. It is evident that these campus rodents have grown accustom to living with us students, as one of cnu.squirrels’ posts even features a squirrel sitting in a student’s palm.