Luter Expansion

CNU Freshman Gives Their Perspective on the Soon to Be Costly Expansion of Luter


As any other event that takes place in some way, shape, or form at any time, there are the good, the bad, and the ugly aspects of it. The addition to the Luter building potentially carries all three. Luter is the building between Forbes and The Freeman Center. If you are a business major, you will probably see much of Luter in the future or maybe you basically live there. Luter houses many business classes and lectures, so it is very reasonable to present the idea to expand it. Many students and many classes require much space and dedication to such space. However, there are some consequences to this. For example, the parking lot right behind Luter would have to be ripped out to make room. As someone who parks in an already super crowded parking lot, adding to this issue would not benefit me as far as that goes. Big snowball effect when people can’t park in their designated spaces so they park somewhere they have no choice but to park. Somewhere they aren’t supposed to park. Therefore, they get a ticket and then we have a bigger issue on our hands. I know that if I had nowhere else to park and got a ticket for something I couldn’t control, I wouldn’t be the happiest. For those of us who do not drive, there may appear to be no issue. However, if a friend were to get a ticket or worse, towed and you had relied on them to get you to work, that is a whole other issue. People carpool places and getting towed and ticketed isn’t just the owner of the car’s issue. So, this is something to take into consideration when expanding Luter. Despite these potential outcomes, there are some other bright sides to it. For instance, more classroom space means classes get broken up into smaller quantities and in result, smaller class sizes. The classes here are already very personable and small to comfort. As a person who loves to be personal and hands-on with what she is learning, smaller class sizes sound great to me. I already have 2 classes in Luter so this decision would definitely benefit me. Whichever side someone agrees with, whether in favor or not with the expansion of Luter, I think it is a decision that everyone needs to open up about and also express how they feel about it.