Top 10 Weirdest Museums in the U.S.

Student Expresses His Thoughts on our Nation’s Odd Marvels

1.Barney Smith’s Toilet Seat Art Museum (Alamo Heights, Texas) 

Outside of San Antonio, there is a retired plumber who collects toilet seats and creates art. He is nearing 2000 seats and each one has a different painting. Barney Smith’s collection is odd but he is passionate about the art and is known as one of the best roadside attractions in Texas.


2.Mustard Museum (Middleton, Wisconsin)

There are over 5,300 mustards in the world, how do we know? Because this museum in Wisconsin collects them. They have your normal kind and also sweet hot mustards, fruit mustards, horseradish mustards, and mustards you can see and try from around the world. The founder of the museum claimed to have gotten the idea after being sad over a Red Sox loss and said that he realized he had to collect mustard (You literally can’t make this up). Before you ask, there is no ketchup museum. 


3.Museum of Bad Art (Boston, Massachusetts)

Art is subjective. That’s the general consensus. But sometimes objectivity finds its way into the world of painting and there is some art that is truly horrendous. The Museum of Bad Art “celebrates an artist’s right to fail.” It collects and displays some of the worst art you’ll ever see. I wonder if this is where my mom sent all my drawings from elementary school? 


4.Museum of the Weird (Austin, Texas) 

I mean, it’s in the name for crying out loud. Boy this place is weird. Monster statues, evidence of bigfoot, mummies, puppets, a horrifying cow thing, and bizarre art are just some of the things that decorate this place. 


5.Marvin’s Marvelous Mechanical Museum (Farmington Hills, Michigan)

Say that five times really fast. This museum is for animatronics dummies of old and new. There are old fortune teller machines, mechanical games, and one spider exhibit that will give you the fright of your life.


6.Museum of Death (Los Angeles, California & New Orleans, Louisiana)

Lover of the macabre? This is the place for you. Art by some of the worst killers in history, taxidermy, bones, execution devices, and artifacts from some of the most infamous crimes are inside this bizarre and creepy place. Both locations have their oddities. 


7.Moist Towelette Museum (East Lansing, Michigan) 

I know what you’re thinking. “There is no way.” There is, indeed, a museum for the moist towelette on Michigan State University’s campus. Their website literally analyzes each one. If this doesn’t prove to you that you can make a museum of anything, what will? 


  1. International Banana Museum (Mecca, California)

The museum and epicenter of the International Banana Club have literally every piece of banana memorabilia you can think of. Ronald Regan even donated items to this museum. You’ll leave this place with newfound wonder for the fruit…and potassium in your system probably.


9.SPAM Museum (Austin, Minnesota)

Before you begin ranting and raving about how SPAM is the worst, the history is rich. So rich in fact, they can have a whole museum to tell you about it. Old containers, exhibits showing you the process of making SPAM, SPAM Canstruments (official name) and pretty much everything you need if you love SPAM


10.Museum of Salt and Pepper Shakers (Gatlinburg, Tennessee)

It’s amazing that there are so many different kinds of salt and pepper shakers. So much so that a couple in Tennessee has been collecting thousands for 3 decades. It both appreciates the art work and the history of the salt and pepper shaker. You’ll be salty (cue laugh) that you don’t have some of these wondrous shakers.