An Interview with the Student Government Association New Chief of Staff


An Interview with the Student Government Association’s New Chief of Staff

Kate Bennett talks about her role within the SGA


The Captain’s Log had the opportunity to interview the Student Government Association’s (SGA) Chief of Staff, Kate Bennett. The Chief of Staff role is a relatively new position within the SGA, having been created just last year. Bennett, a junior double majoring in political science and philosophy, explained exactly what she does in her new role. 

The Chief of Staff does a lot of behind the scenes work, so students may not be as familiar with all the work Bennett does. Although her role is not a front-facing one, Bennett handles a lot of important work assisting with much of the SGA’s day-to-day functioning. As the right-hand man to the SGA president and executive vice president, Bennett works on the internal operations of the organization, such as overseeing communication between the various SGA committees and the executive board. Bennett also attends all the SGA meetings and takes minutes. These meetings include regular delegation meetings, leadership meetings between the executive board and the committee heads, and executive board meetings.

Before coming into the role, Bennett never knew how involved the Chief of Staff would be,working in the background of it all, but she expressed excitement to contribute to the inner workings of the SGA.

Not only does Bennett look forward to developing leadership skills and making connections in her Chief of Staff role, but she also enjoys having a direct impact and making the jobs of other SGA members easier through her contributions. 

The SGA represents an important bridge between CNU students and university administration, said Bennett. She encourages all students who may be interested to attend their open delegation meetings where they can have a safe space to express any concerns or issues. The meetings occur every other Monday at 7:30p.m.