Should CAB Change the Way They Plan Activities?

Throughout campus, everyone has heard of CAB (Campus Activities Board). They plan various events throughout the academic year which gives students a nice break from their everyday life as well as a chance to focus on something else. However, I am beginning to wonder if CAB is planning too many activities and should focus more on quality instead of quantity.


This week, CAB has a comedy cafe and two showings of Thor: Love and Thunder. Sometimes, they have two or more events hosted on campus. In my opinion, CAB needs to do one event a week or do one big event per semester that could get the whole campus to show up. Most of the events people enjoy going to during the year such as Light the Night, Thursday night Trivia, and the fireside lounges are not CAB events. Sometimes it takes more than free items to get people to show up to events.


I firmly believe that the last great CAB event was the petting zoo last year. This was because it was different from everything else and as a result, people got curious about the event. This led to an excellent turnout and a successful event.


However, this has not been the case lately. It feels like every CAB event is either a movie night, an event during the week at an inconvenient time, or a guest that most people have never heard of. This leads to underwhelming turnouts and a lack of enthusiasm for CAB events. However, there is one way CAB can fix this problem.


One way CAB can get more people to show up is by improving the quality of their events and reducing the quantity. Instead of doing two or more events a week, they should have one event they spend more time planning out. That way, more people will want to go to their events instead of it appearing like a carbon copy of past ones.


Another way CAB could improve the quality of their activities is by planning one big activity per semester. This could be something like a concert or a tournament of some kind. If one big event was planned out per semester, it would create a lot of excitement around campus. This would be something people would have on their calendars instead of seeing it as another ordinary campus event.


While CAB still gets some people to show up for their events, there is not as much excitement about them from students. If they could come up with a way to create less events that would garner more attention on campus, more students would show up to their events instead of seeing their flyers as an afterthought.