Spooky Season Snacks

Blood icing recipe to turn all your favorite snacks spooky


Looking to make your horror movie marathon more realistic? Do you want to have the most creative dish at the Halloween party? Well look no further friends, then Blood Icing. This realistic and sweet little addition to your food is guaranteed to horrify and delight those who see and try it. It’s not only cool, it is an incredibly easy thing to make. 



-½ stick of butter


-1 teaspoon of red paste or icing food coloring. Make sure you use icing food coloring if you’re looking for the icing taste and for a thicker red when you apply it to food. 


How to make

-Slowly melt the stick of butter in a saucepan or microwave. Don’t burn the butter or make it explode over your microwave. 


-Slowly add your red paste or icing food coloring to turn the mixture red.


-Whisk the ingredients together until combined into a thick red icing. Slowly apply the blood icing to whatever you eat it with


What to add the icing to

-Popcorn: slowly spread the Blood Icing around the popcorn and then toss it around with a spoon so it looks like it splatter


-Cinnamon rolls: drizzle the icing over the rolls to replace the normal icing


-Cupcakes, cake, and donuts with a white icing already on top so the red looks crizzled


-Gingerbread house: recreate that one scene in NOPE 



-Do not use real blood. It’s not tasty, safe, or ethical. 


-Wash your hands after eating, or there will be remnants of the icing blood on you for a while


-Fake blood found in stores like Spirit Halloween is not made from corn syrup and not safe for consumption if you use fake blood for your costume. This recipe is the only edible fake blood 


-Another extremely simple food coloring trick is using green icing paste and mixing it with caramel to make green caramel apples like The Evil Queen in Snow White