8 Most Underrated Candies of All Time


I’m sure you’ve had plenty of candy lately as Halloween draws to a close. Whether you like Kit Kats or gummy bears or lollipops (or if you have no taste you had a Mounds bar) you got your sweet fix. But have you ever wanted to expand your horizons? Try something new? Well look no further, here are 8 of the most underrated candies of all time. 


1.Tony’s Chocolonely Chocolate 

Tony Chocolonely Chocolate isn’t just delicious with its rich taste, unconventional breaking, and natural cocoa taste. It is one of the only chocolate companies in the world who prioritizes producing their chocolate without child slave labor. Not only are these chocolate bars produced ethically, they’re big and delicious. 


2.Charleston Chew

97 years later and people still don’t put respect on the Charleston Chew candy bar. It’s the perfect candy if you enjoy more soft chewing but also enjoy some rich chocolate. A chewy nougat coated in chocolate. It brings two of the best types of candy together. 


3.100 Grand Bars

The original slogan for the 100 Grand was “So good it’s almost illegal”. The slogan is correct. This bar has the perfect triple combo of milk chocolate goodness, thick caramel, and crisped rice. It’s like a caramel and chocolate Rice Krispy treat and wow is it good. 


4.Candy Pumpkins

Read it and weep candy corn haters. This offshoot of candy corn is similar in taste but it’s both incredibly festive and also incredibly creamy compared to candy corn. It’s a small and festive sweet treat that you can eat bowls of. 



This Japanese fruit candy has been a big hit in the States and for good reason. It feels like starbursts but juicer. You can have it in kiwi, dragon fruit, pineapple, melon, and basically any other fruit flavor you can think of


6.Abba Zaba 

Do you like taffy? Do you like peanut butter? If so, the Abba Zaba is the candy for you. You have a taffy chocolate candy bar with a nice center of peanut butter filling. Recently they even made a chocolate filling one. These candy bars are delicious for getting both the taffy and peanut butter fix. 



Werthers and Peppermints are great hard candy that you can just have whenever, wherever, and however you want. The Reisen is a chocolate hard candy that is just like it. It’s like a hard version of a milky way. They’re rich in taste and require a hard chew. 


8.Any rock candy

“Oh but they’re too crunchy and too easy to break,” some people say. To that I say, “stop being a coward, rock candy is good.” It’s candy on a stick for crying out loud. You can have any flavor and it’s nice and sugary. Hard candies are always a hit and this is the ultimate hard candy.