Andrew Tate: Not a Great Businessman

Over the weekend I heard an alarming amount of men who still think of Andrew Tate as a “good businessman” despite him being arrested for sex trafficking. Andrew Tate grew to popularity through TikTok under the guise of being a self help guru. His popularity also grew from his private academy called Hustler’s University which is $49 a month. Tate has had to make three different versions of Hustler’s University. The reason why he has had to make three different versions is unclear, but considering that he was banned from Twitter and TikTok for his deeply misogynistic and violent views I am certain that he had issues with domain hosts for his websites.

The reasoning people use to defend their praise of Andrew Tate is that “he is a good businessman.” Doing a quick Google search on his net worth is fifty million dollars, but also in a quick Google search NPR report  that due to his charges he is having all of his luxury cars and watches seized by the Romanian government that are worth four million dollars. I think losing four million dollars is not a typical trait of a good businessman. Guardian als reports that Tate gained his fame by attempting to “break the algorithm” by ordering his fans to repost as much content as possible. Doesn’t that sound familiar? The actual product is not good enough to sell it self so the consumers of the product are forced by the creator to share or talk about it nonstop to boost its revenue. That is just a pyramid scheme

I find it funny how when women are roped into a pyramid scheme it is laughable, but when men are roped into a pyramid and the leader is convicted for sex trafficking he is still seen as a good businessman. People have been scamming people long before the internet was even thought of. The internet just makes it easier and Andrew Tate abused that power because his audience was not just misogynistic men but also impressionable children. BBC Teach tweeted saying, “Schools across the UK are encountering increasing numbers of pupils who admire him.” Of course when you scam the most impressionable group of people, men and children you are going to gain monetary value from that. At the end of the day he is an immoral man who had to flee the United States to escape rape charges and is now facing consequences for leading a sex trafficking ring in another country. Despite how much money he made he made it through one of the most socially deemed immoral and disgusting ways possible. Is that who you want your child to become? Is that who you want to become? If the answer is no I don’t want me or my future child to become the lead of a sex trafficking ring you should stop making up excuses for him.