Galentine’s Day

Staff Writer discusses Valentine’s Day and the alternative holiday


The time is slowly creeping upon us when stores begin to sell big boxes of heart chocolates, teddy bears with I love yous written in the middle, and the two aisles in the stores are filled with Valentine’s day treats. For those with significant others, this time of year is exciting, somewhat stressful and romantic. Some receive flowers while other begin to plan for dinners and make reservations for the big day. 

However not everyone likes Valentine’s Day. Some dislike it so much that they would rather skip the day. Personally I don’t believe it should be be disliked holiday because its a day for everyone and I’ll tell you why. 

Many tend to forget that Valentines Day is not only for those in love, in fact Valentine’s Day is for everyone who loves! It’s a day for those who you appreciate and love the most, not just romantically but platonically. Best friend, friends, co-workers, and parents.  Anyone you appreciate can receive a small box of chocolates or a card.

A better word for it is Galentines. What is galentines? It is a day to celebrate with your best gal’s doing fun activities and spending it with the people you love and adore most. Valentine’s day doesn’t have to be sad and lonely, in fact you can have fun with your friends while doing small activities for each other. Cooking dinner is one of the best way to spend time together with your friends. This can be just as fun and romantic as it can be with a significant other. A fantastic and easy to make dinner recipe is chicken alfredo pasta! Everyone loves pasta. 

As much as Valentine’s day can be deemed as terrible if you’re single, you can always find fun and exciting ways to celebrate. Even if it’s celebrating by yourself, baking has never hurt anyone! In fact, baking a cake or cookie can cure anything! Galentine’s day is about being able to celebrate with the people closest to you, and making one of those cheesy Valentine’s day cards can make anyone’s day. There are plenty of activities that can be done with friends, like dinner, baking, arts and crafts, going out for brunch, etc,. 

So instead of being upset that Valentine’s day is coming up and not having a date. Catch up with some friends, plan a pink Galentine’s day theme party with all your favorite sweet treats and enjoy the day! 

Having homemade chocolate covered strawberries is much better than none at all!