Behind The Scenes of CNUTV

CNUTV has been around campus for several years now as the video wing of The Captain’s Log.The group records various events at Christopher Newport including Glow In The Darcapella, CNU Day, FallFest, the Involvement Fair, Light the Night, and S.T.R.O.L.L. To The Polls. The group also does club promotional videos, last year they uploaded a video promoting the Knights of the Force, CNU’s lightsaber club. They also covered the raising of the Ukrainian flag on the Great Lawn during the 2022 spring semester. Videos are uploaded on their social media and YouTube pages for all to view. CNUTV has been able to record the happenings on campus for a while, but hopes to be able to expand even more.


Like every other club, the group is trying to find new footing after the Covid-19 pandemic. The Head of CNUTV, Allison Silverman, wants to increase the number of staff videographers, which is currently a 3 person staff “We need more people so we can grow with our content and what we make.” Silverman said. Silverman says that anyone, regardless of experience, can join CNUTV and that their ideas are welcome. The group meets in the Newsroom in the David Student Union every Thursday evening to discuss their ideas on what and when to film. They’re currently trying to brainstorm various ideas for their first video of this semester as well as what new content they can introduce this semester. While nothing is currently set in stone, they have a plethora of interesting video ideas they can’t wait to surprise their viewers with. 


Despite difficulties in growing staff, CNUTV’s staff members are optimistic about their plans for the future. “Our equipment is very minimal, but nonetheless we are able to deliver a product that is able to impress people.” says CNU Staff Videographer Andrew Blanford, who joined this year. Silverman says on the current state of the group “CNUTV right now is kind of small, but we have big ambitions and we hope one day when we finally have enough people, we can do even greater things than what we are currently doing.” 


If you’re interested in joining the staff of CNUTV, attend their meetings every Thursday in DSU 393 at 7:30 PM. You can also reach out to and follow them on Instagram and Facebook @ cnutv_offical and subscribe to their YouTube channel under the same name.