The Rhianna Performance with the Super Bowl Before and After

On Sunday February 12, 2023 many made the joke that there was a Rhianna concert with a football game before and after. While the Superbowl game was exhilarating Rhianna’s performance definitely was showstopping. According to Sporting News Rhianna had not performed in five years, so this halftime show was a must see event. The anticipation around the halftime show grew as it got closer, but then when Rhianna was revealed on her soon to be floating stage she appeared to be pregnant. Everyone was buzzing with confusion and shock. Like many others I was quick to swoop in and defend her for gaining weight since she had her first baby. A quick glance on Twitter proved me wrong. My guess is that Rhianna thought ahead and told news sources they could announce her pregnancy as the halftime show was happening because many pop news sources immediately tweeted about her being pregnant the minute she hit the stage. 

Now fans are tweeting concerned that Rhianna will never make a new album. The Super Bowl halftime performance showed that Rhianna does not need to make another album to stay relevant. Her entire performance was only 13 minutes long and contained twelve songs (Sporting News). Her setlist was 

  1. B—- Better Have My Money”
  1. “Where Have You Been”
  2. “Only Girl (In The World)”
  3. “We Found Love”
  4. “Rude Boy”
  5. “Work”
  6. “Wild Thoughts”
  7. “Pour It Up”
  8. “All of the Lights”
  9. “Run This Town”
  10. “Umbrella”
  11. “Diamonds

(The Athletic). Rhianna ensured she was the star of the show by only having back up dancers with her at the performance. 

The promo picture of Rhianna performing at the Super Bowl was a much more editorial look than what she wore on stage. However, considering her pregnancy the weather, and Super Bowl dress in general Rhianna’s outfit fit in perfectly. According to Rolling Stone Rhianna wore a Alaïa red puffer with a Loewe jumpsuit and bustier. What I noticed was that Rhianna leaned into the low waisted pants trend despite her pregnant belly. This is an amazon message to send to women right now as fashion trends are cycling back to the early 2000s style when body positivity was not in its finest hour. So far the only people that have been shown wearing low waisted things have an almost perfectly flat stomach. Rhianna showing off her pregnancy in the latest trends shows woman that you do not have to look a certain way to wear what you love.

Overall Rhianna’s performance at the Super Bowl was iconic and full of surprises. It will certainly be hard to top next year.