Captain’s Ball: Enchanted Forest

This past Saturday, CNU’s Campus Activities Board (CAB) outdid themselves with this year’s annual formal dance, Captain’s Ball, which had a theme of Enchanted Forest. As you walked into the DSU, and ascended the grand staircase, you were greeted with a scene straight out of a fairytale. All around the landing were flowers and everyone was dressed to the nines in their suits and dresses. Taking inspiration from the theme, some students were even dressed as druids or woodland creatures. 

In the spirit of CAB, there was no shortage of things to do at the dance. After checking your coat, there was a photo booth by the entrance of the ballroom, where you could pick out props, take pictures, and even get your photos printed on the spot. Though, the main event of the ball took place in the ballroom itself. In the center of the ballroom, there was a dance floor, accompanied by a DJ. The floor was crowded with students and their guests dancing and singing to the music. In between songs, the DJ even had a QR code up, that allowed students to suggest the next song. Surrounding the room, there were plenty of photo opportunities in theme with the ball, with hanging flowers and vines. Arguably, the best part was the appetizers and desserts available on both sides of the ballroom. On the left, there was a plethora of options, from sushi to egg rolls. On the right, CNU brought out the infamous chocolate fountain, which was encircled by marshmallows, fruit, and cake. For guests of age, there was even an option to get an alcoholic beverage from one corner of the ballroom.

Outside the ballroom, there was even more to do! In one room, there was a 360o camera that was set up to take pictures from every angle. In the boardroom, CAB had set up a VIP room, where if you bought your ticket early enough you could go in. This room was complete with more dessert and nonalcoholic drinks for the taking, along with a free tumbler. As the night winded down, and people started leaving, there were complementary wine glasses engraved with the theme of the night you could take. All in all, CAB did an amazing job creating the perfect night to remember. It was a truly magical event and gave a great reason for people to dress up and have fun with their friends.