Scared Shipless!

CNU’s new improv club

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The Improv club is a new club at CNU this semester. The leader of the club, Tristan Fishel, as well as Adam Tamrjan and Sammi Saba, are the founders. 


One of the first things one might note about the club is the name of its Instagram. @cnuscaredshipless came as a suggestion from Fishel’s mom. 


Fishel defines improv as, “Any type of performance that has no script or preparation. So it’s all off the top of your head”


Saba’s definition of improv is that it’s “Silly, it’s thinking of things off the top of your head and literally saying whatever is in your brain, anything that you can’t say in a normal setting and in a fun way”


Although the idea of improv can be scary, it becomes easier to do over time. Fishel and Saba were nervous when they were new to the art, but now it has become a passion. 


Saba said, “[It’s] less nerve-wracking now and I think that just comes from practice and time”


As for the long term of the club, Fishel said “I think long term, we’d love it if we’re gonna have weekly open practices, which means anyone can come in. It would be nice if we could get the ball rolling on that kind of get some more people interested in improv. In kind of a low pressure, you know, we’re gonna have to perform in a show environment. And it would be nice to grow the team a little bit.”


Another goal for the club is to put on a show. According to Fishel, they’d love to have at least a show a semester.


Although there may not be a show this semester, Fishel does know what he wants it to look like. He said that it would “probably be in one of the smaller auditoriums, anyone’s welcome to come. And it’s just maybe like an hour of taking audience suggestions for different games, and they kind of influence how the show goes.”


The club will have its first open practice this week where they practice on Thursday, Mar. 2 from 8:00 pm-9:00 pm in Luter 221.


The best part of improv in Fishel’s mind is “Getting to spend time with people that I probably wouldn’t otherwise and you get to see them when they have to think on their feet and you get to see the sense of humor that they can’t really demonstrate most of the time. But everyone gets better at that and you can see it affect other things they do.”


As for Saba, her favorite part is “When people are funny,… and they make jokes. And then everybody laughs”