CNU Baking Wants to have Fun, Plus Tasty Treats

CNU Baking Club is a new addition to campus this semester. Started by Sanai Williams, the club was formed. During orientation, my crew leader was talking about clubs and showing us compass and I was like, ‘Is there a Baking Club’ and he looked it up and there wasn’t ‘he was like, oh, you should make one.’” Williams saw this as a challenge and followed through.


As for joining the club, people don’t need to have any experience in baking. 


Joseph Bui, the club treasurer said, “My baking experience is really, really, limited, honestly nothing. I’ve done box baking. I’ve done frozen baking. I’ve done very basic stuff, but genuinely I’m not much of a baker. It’s not that I don’t like baking, I just haven’t experienced it”


Baking is fun, but can also be an outlet for stress. For Nygeria Driver baking was also a stress outlet. 


“I guess the only thing that was like that outlet from being stressed from doing online school activities where everyone was virtual. Baking was like an outlet,o I found it nice.” Said Driver


Despite being a new club, no one is really feeling any pressure.


“Not at all in the slightest. I’m having a fantastic time. I don’t really feel pressure in these types of situations.” said Bui


Williams is just as confident saying “I like leading. That’s like one of the main things I do and I’m very confident in my abilities to do stuff… this gonna be successful 100%.”


A big goal for the baking club is to get its members to know each other. 


“I really want club members to get to know each other. I want them to be able to build friendships and actually meet people because I just think that’s really important in a club.” said Williams


“I mean, clubs are a great way to meet people. And baking has a lot of down-time,o it’s just a great opportunity to talk to people while you’re baking. So I’m gonna be talking. I believe, our plans are to play games and stuff like, like mafia, for example, which is exciting. I’m excited.” said Bui


As for what baking is, everyone had a different opinion.


“I would say baking is like an extravagant song. Putting together the lyrics and the pieces, the intonation, the sprinkles, the icing, and you make just a beautiful melody of togetherness. It’s pretty fun.” said Williams


“You smash things together and you put it in the oven” said Bui


Abi Sloniker the social media chair says that “It requires heat and then ingredients and love.”


To join the club, someone can come once for no cost and then after that it costs $20 per person to join permanently and then they can just show up to the meetings. The club also has a lot of different fun ideas for things they want to bake. These could be themes like trying to make a cake that looks like pizza as an April Fools Day prank. 


The baking club’s first meeting is on March 17, in the Warwick kitchens at 6:00 pm. Their Instagram is @cnubaking.