5 Best On-Campus Places to Relax Outdoors – Spring Edition

Goodbye heavy winter jackets, oversized knit sweaters, and colorful scarves. Hello warm weather and longer days! As the semester progresses and the warmth of springtime spreads throughout campus, people have begun spending more time outside. Cornhole, frisbee and other outdoor games are now in full swing. In addition, many students who braved the cold, dreary winter weather, have now pulled out their picnic blankets and hammocks. In the afternoons, an array of colorful blankets cover The Great Lawn. Students relax in the sun with a good book or chat with friends, making campus look like the picturesque catalogs handed out in the admissions office. 

With everyone outdoors all at once, eager to enjoy the warm atmosphere that comes with spring, it can be hard to find a peaceful place to relax. So here’s a list of the five best relaxation locations on campus!


  1. Trible Library Balconies

If you’re not a huge fan of sitting in mushy grass, or you just despise bugs and other creepy crawlies, then the Trible Library balconies are perfect for you! Take your lunch or homework with you and find a nice table on one of the outdoor balconies. This place provides natural sunlight, while also being quieter than The Great Lawn, making it perfect for study sessions. In addition, depending on where you sit, the view makes for great people watching!


  1. Gosnold Lawn

The Great Lawn can be a little crowded at times; people play their music on speakers, toss frisbees around, and play fetch with their pets. If you’re looking to sunbathe in peace or have a quiet conversation with friends, then Gosnold Lawn, between Santoro and Forbes, is your best bet. Of course, it’s not quite as picturesque as The Great Lawn, but it tends to get less foot traffic than the center of campus.


  1. Benches or Picnic Tables

You can find a green bench or picnic table throughout the main campus, but not all of them offer the same experience. It’s all about finding the right location for you. Do you like shade or direct sun? Do you like being in high traffic areas or would you prefer something a little more secluded, tucked away from everything else. Maybe you actually enjoy the ringing of the bell tower, in which case, the benches nearby would be perfect for you. Or perhaps, you and your friends love big trees and would have fun eating lunch at the picnic table near James River Hall. 


  1. Hammocks

Close your eyes. Picture the ocean, palm trees and sand. Doesn’t that sound nice? With a little imagination and a sturdy hammock, you can recreate this vibe right here on campus! A lot of students like to set up their hammocks amongst the trees in front of Warwick River Hall. This is perfect for cozying up with a good book or taking a quick afternoon nap. 


  1. The Rocking Chairs by Christopher Newport Hall

If you appreciate a good rocking chair, then Christopher Newport Hall is the place to be! There are rocking chairs on the first and second floors. Also, if you go around to the back of the building, there are more chairs in the courtyard with the fountain. This is an especially nice environment if you find the sound of falling water to be soothing or if you just want a private place to hang out.