Outer Banks Season 3

Staff Writer shares their thoughts on the latest Netflix hit

For starters, Outer Banks season 3 was one for the books. From the many character developments to the deaths of many of them. Let’s dive into that.

JJ and Kie being a thing will always be my favorite. The tension they have had all of season 2 and even 1, and then them finally sharing a passionate kiss in season 3 had me screaming at my laptop out of excitement for that long awaited moment. 

Speaking of a ‘thing,’ Cleo and Pope share a moment in one of the last episodes after lots of time spent together and life risking for each other? Absolutely. The chemistry between the two was very tense throughout the season and the final kissing scene was like a ‘finally’ moment.

Now to character deaths. I admit, I never really knew how to feel about Ward. He was a killer and a liar, but he loved his daughter and would do anything to gain her trust again in the final episodes. When his death was teased in the 2nd season, I thought it was a slap in the face in the best way possible. When he returned later on, that was also a slap in the face because death wasn’t for sure, I was convinced he died. But in the 3rd season when his cause of death came from him saving his daughter and her friends, the ultimate sacrifice, that’s when I decided that even though Ward was a terrible character in many aspects, he did still have a burning father-daughter love for Sarah.

The death of Big John definitely stung me hard as I am a big fan of John B. I’m team JJ, but John B is a close second. The devastation that fell over John B’s face when he realized his dad didn’t make it actually brought waterworks to my eyes. I’ve never cried over that show before, so that was really new for me. The gut-wrenching part is that he was only there for one season. Just as John B had rediscovered his dad alive, he was ripped away from him just as quickly. 

The ending of Outer Banks season 3 has a lot of controversy, and here’s what I think about it. I’ve talked to a lot of my friends who also watch it and there’s a big debate about there being another season. Some of my friends have said that the ending was perfect and that they couldn’t wait for season 4. Others, however, said they should’ve left it as is and that another season wasn’t necessary. One of my friends even went as far as to say that the only reason they keep popping out more seasons is because the actors are hot and there’s not much thought behind the plot! I, however, think that whether they made a season 4 or not, I would be satisfied. But I agree, the actors are very hot and I am not complaining about another season in the future.