SpringFest 2023!

Even though Ye Olde SpringFest was rained out it was still a success!


Photos taken by Evelyn Davidson, News Editor

On Friday April 7th the annual SpringFest was unfortunately rained out and taken into The Fieldhouse. Despite this wrench in the plans the festival seemed to go as planned. There were several events taking place. The main event was a small live band from Nashville Tennessee. The crowd seemed rather interested in the band’s antics, one of which was the leader of the band announcing that he was officiated and could marry people. To The Captain’s Log no one was married at the SpringFest. 

The second most attractive event was the food. Served by CNU was corn dogs, turkey, legs and french fries. The turkey legs fell into the theme of this year’s SpringFest which was named “Ye Olde SpringFest.” To add to this theme there were calligraphy-like signs around The Fieldhouse. As well as a fake knight. 

The games gave the medieval feel. There was a game that was called “jousting,” but obviously was much safer. Two students would enter a blowup pit and stand on the platforms. Then the students would try to knock each other off with giant, blow-up barbells. Another game was human bowling. It is as intense as it sounds. One student at the time would strap into a human-sized ball made of metal rods then another would roll the student into the larger than life bowling pins. 

Another aspect that made the SpringFest come to life was the balloon animals. Many students opted for the silly, balloon hat option and walked around showing them off proudly.

Overall, despite the rain, the SpringFest tradition stays alive for another year.