Summer Travel Tips

Staff writer gives tips on traveling


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My family and I have been traveling to Europe ever since I was two years old. When doing the math correctly, I have flown in an airplane at least 34 times, and that doesn’t count the connecting flights we’ve had from France and Iceland to Germany. You can for sure call me a frequent flier and I very much take pride in that. I love the feeling of adventure despite having crippling anxiety when the plane ever-so slightly dips. However, one of my favorite things to do alongside traveling is to give people tips on how to travel safely, happily, and comfortably for those who are wanting to travel over the summer.

First and foremost, pack two weeks in advance of your trip. My mom and I are prime procrastinators, and I’m talking about the kind where we stress out so much, the bedside lamp accidentally ends up in one of the suitcases. Not only will packing in advance reduce the stress of your trip, but you will also be able to plan out what you are wearing throughout the week before the trip and therefore save the clothes you want to wear for your vacation. This also gives you enough time to plan out a list and make sure you aren’t packing more than needed or unnecessary items. You’ll thank me later when you’re relaxing on the couch a night before your busy day and not busting your butt packing 6 different suitcases. 

Secondly, make sure your transportation is all planned out. When traveling to Germany during the cold december season, my parents had only planned on taking my mom’s car. BAD IDEA. My mom’s car wouldn’t start the night before our trip and we had no alternative transportation set up. We ended up paying so much money for a large rental van that smelled like puke. Let this be a reminder to please plan out your transportation before you plan on going anywhere so you can get to your destination safely and on time. 

Thirdly, have a travel plan in place so that you can get to your destination on time. So much can go wrong in a short period of time, especially when you have back to back flights. My mom and I always like to come up with a plan so that we have time to eat, browse the gift shops, and go through security in a timely manner. Planning out your time in the airport to make sure you catch your flights on time will ease away so much of the stress of traveling.

Lastly, make sure you have a carry-on backpack or purse with various necessities, especially for flights that are international. Usually for international flights, my mom and I like to pack snacks (because airline food can be not super appealing sometimes), hand sanitizer, wipes, books, chargers, word searches, earbuds, and a first aid kit. Having a bag like this will make sure you are prepared for any situation and will help you enjoy your flight to your destination even more. 

I hope this was helpful for those who are planning on traveling. While traveling can be such a struggle at times, the end destination is worth it. Hope your summers are full of adventure and travel safely!


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