Suffolk Man Found Guilty of Taking Indecent Photos of Coworkers

Giovanni Geronilla, 43 of Suffolk, VA, has been found guilty of taking indecent photos of his female coworker after being accused on July 25, 2022. Geronilla is being charged with a misdemeanor, WAVY reports.

The charge on Geronilla came after being accused of putting his phone under the dress of his female co-worker.

Unfortunately, the Commonwealth of Suffolk’s witness, a CSI forensic technician, stated that she was unable to break the security of Geronilla’s cell phone. This means that the accusation against Geronilla cannot be confirmed because the forensic technician could not access the contents of the phone, WAVY also reported.

The judge in charge of Geronilla’s trial, determined that there was enough evidence to see the motive and intent behind Geronilla’s actions, thus making him guilty.

Geronilla was given a 90-day sentence and a 70-day suspension and was immediately handcuffed after being taken into custody, WAVY reported. Despite this, the judge in charge of the case gave Geronilla a total of 7 days to consider filing an appeal, along with a $1,500 fine and is prohibited from using any device that possesses the ability to take a photo.

During the trial, the victim recalled that at the time of the incident, she was at her station typing notes for work when she noticed the phone between her feet with the camera opened and facing up.

Wavy also reported that two other female coworkers have come forward about the same issues with Geronilla. In these instances he would pretend to be on a phone call when other’s moved near.

Another anonymous witness said she had a similar interaction with Geronilla in October of 2021; she passed him in a hallway, felt him near her, spotted the camera and walked away rapidly to get away from him. Wavy confirmed that no police call was ever made.

Geronilla now has until Monday, April 17, 2023 to decide if he wants to appeal, WAVY reported.