From President to Chancellor

What will Trible do in his new role at the university?

When Paul Trible announced on Sept. 24, 2021 that he would be stepping down as President of Christopher Newport University at the end of the academic year, it was a shock to the Captains community. Since he became President in January of 1996, Trible has become synonymous with the university and led CNU to what it is today. 

After the announcement, many wondered what Trible would do after 26 years on the job. Immediately following Trible’s retirement announcement, the Board of Visitors named him Chancellor of Christopher Newport University, a senior position he will hold until the end of the 2022-2023 academic year. 

But what exactly will Chancellor Trible be doing in this role? Is it simply a ceremonial title? How is he going to be helping the CNU community before he goes off into the sunset? 

When people hear the word chancellor they think of either a senior government official, a head of state like in Germany or Austria, or of the Sith Lord Chancellor Palpatine in Star Wars. Chancellor Trible is quite obviously not any of these things. Usually in academia, chancellor means the head of the college, either in the ceremonial or executive sense. 

When Board of Visitors Rector Robert Hatten announced that Trible would serve as Chancellor, he said that the former president would not only be in the role to help Interim President Adelia Thompson if need be, but Trible would also help the university in a variety of other ways in his last year at CNU. 

In the Rector’s statement, it says that as Chancellor of the university, Trible will continue communication with the state government and General Assembly. Trible has met with Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin numerous times this year to open dialogue between the Governor’s office and CNU. He will continue to help fundraise for the university, and make sure the systems, such as admissions, at CNU continue to run smoothly. 

Trible is also committed to expanding the success of both the President’s Leadership Program and the Leadership and American Studies academic program.  

After completing his duties as Chancellor at the end of this academic year, Trible will retire to spend more time with his family after 27 years with CNU and more than five decades of public service.