Fashion At CNU

Get a glimpse into one of the newest clubs on campus


The Fashion at CNU club is one of the newest clubs here at CNU started by freshman Andrew Brown. He decided to make a club focused on fashion because he loves how it allows him to “express himself creatively.” There are also so many different ways to go about fashion and different people can think up completely different things. “You can do anything.” There weren’t many opportunities at CNU that allowed Brown to express himself in the way he wanted to because there were no clubs that focused on fashion. His goal with this club is to focus on service opportunities, such as clothing drives, as well as helping people explore fashion and wear things that they normally wouldn’t. He really wants to encourage people to express themselves through the clothes they wear. He hopes to help people learn a thing or two about the different aspects of fashion and experience something new. 


Brown has many different events in store for the club. Soon, they will partner with the Green Team to host an upcycling workshop, in which old clothes get a second life and be modified.This is to help promote the Green Team’s Thrift Pop-Up event that they’re having later in the semester. The date is to be determined. He’s also planning fashion galas where students can dress up and get professional pictures taken, thrift upcycling events, runways, and opportunities for students to make their own clothing items. 


What he says he’s most excited about is getting officers on board. Members have an opportunity to get together and discuss what they want to see happen in the future of the club.  He claims that “a lot of people have really cool ideas” and that their ideas make him “excited for what’s going to happen in a year or two years from now.” 

Applications are open now, for officers and members. There’s no real application process, just DM their Instagram account,, or apply through Compass. There’s no experience required, just an appreciation for fashion. Meetings are every other Friday and typically consist of introductions, discussions about upcoming events, and a collaborative session where they discuss certain garments from the Met Gala or recent fashion shows. For more information, follow the instagram page or email [email protected] .