Student Sustainability Commission


One of the newest organizations on campus is the Student Sustainability Commission (SSC).  Founded by CNU alumni for their capstone project, the SSC is “a group of CNU students working together to educate students, faculty, and staff about sustainable practices and make the CNU campus a sustainable place to work, learn, and live,” explains Sophomore Anna Mignardi, SSC Co-Chair.

“Our mission is to ultimately promote you, as the individual and community’s general health. A clean environment and living space will benefit someone in the long run and our members are eager to help anyone achieve their sustainable and environment goals,” says Sarah Murray, a groundskeeper. 

SSC Co-Chair Rachel Freeman says, “Educating people, providing resources, and promoting a positive mindset about our responsibility to mitigate damage to the environment will help mobilize others to take initiative and spread their own passion for sustainability.”

 Freeman goes on to say, “SSC works hard to reflect what CNU students express about wanting to see on campus surrounding sustainability, as well as what we know would help students integrate sustainability into their daily lives. If any student has an idea or a concern about sustainability on campus, we would love people to reach out and talk to us about pursuing projects!”

“Sustainability pertains to more than just environmental issues. It is important to keep in mind that physical activity, mental health, academics, and more are all a part of keeping an individual healthy and sustainable. Cultivating sustainability on campus means involving any organization that involves promoting sustainability in aspects of student, faculty, and staff life. SSN, the student sustainability network, is a subsection of SSC that takes strides to connect organizations on campus to continue the conversation about sustainability in order to promote and grow it,” Mignardi says.

The students who are a part of the SSC are very passionate about incorporating sustainability into everyday campus life and are eager to help make a change. 

“I just joined SSC this semester and I couldn’t be more grateful to be a part of this organization. I have learned so much about the current sustainability efforts going on around campus and how new projects are taking effect. SSC has helped me understand sustainability on a greater level so that I can make a difference in my own community,” Gabby Becerra, Student Sustainability Network.

The SSC has many events in mind that they plan to organize including speaker events for PLP discoveries and a SSC sustainability blog website for students. They also want to implement bird houses on campus to promote native wildlife as well as a lending library in Einstein’s where students can trade, use, and donate old books. The SSC is also planning a student organized sustainability fair for the spring semester. 

To learn more and keep up to date with the SSC, you can follow them on Instagram @sscatcnu.