5 Festive Ways to Spice Up Your Dorm

Affordable Holiday Decor

  • A mini Christmas Tree and ornaments

What’s better than a full-sized Christmas tree? A mini one to make your dorm room feel like a dorm home! Small three foot christmas trees are perfect for college students with limited space and you can buy one for around $20 at places like Target. This also means that you can buy pretty ornaments (maybe a blue and white CNU themed tree!) to decorate your tree. Walmart, World Market, and many other stores sell cute ornament sets and individual ornaments. 

  • Door decor

Wreaths or other festive holiday decorations will certainly spice up your dorm room door. You can buy a traditional wreath, put up a cute sign, or even have a craft night with your friends and make your own diy door decorations!

  • Festive hand soap

Even the bathroom can be part of the holiday spirit! You can find seasonal scented hand soaps at Walmart, Dollar Tree, or Bath and Body Works if you’re feeling really fancy. Look for scents like gingerbread or peppermint. Also, they usually come in cute bottles that will go nicely with your bathroom aesthetic, especially if you have decorative holiday hand towels. 

  • Holiday lights

One of the best parts of the holiday season is driving around town and seeing everyone’s festive lights glowing in their windows or on their trees. So why not bring that glowy magic to your own living space? Pick up some fairy lights and hang them in your window or over your bed to brighten up the room. 

  • Aromatic decor

Cinnamon, woods, pine – those are the aromas of the holiday season! Candles can be a little dangerous when you live in a dorm. A great alternative for college students is Trader Joe’s Cinnamon Whisks. These aromatic whisks are made of raw pine scented with cinnamon oil. They can be displayed in a cute mason jar or you could put them in your bathroom so that when you shower the steam activates the cinnamon scent. Best of all, they’re only 99 cents!