Jake Paul v. Anderson Sllva

The Unexpected results that continue to shock boxing fans

Boxing has had a weird couple years. Particularly with the rise of celebrity boxing. Social media influencers, basketball stars, rappers, and other celebrities have boxed for large budget events. For most, it’s an infrequent activity. But one especially controversial star has stood out for his boxing career. That is none other than Jake Paul. Paul went from the internet’s most hated YouTuber into a boxing supervillain. On October 29th, Jake Paul faced his toughest challenge yet in the form of the legendary Anderson Silva. 


 Jake Paul started his boxing career in 2018 with a TKO win over fellow YouTuber Deji Olatunji in an amateur bout. Since then, he’s been on a roll in professional boxing. He mowed down another YouTuber, AeEson Gibb, former NBA player Nate Robinson and former MMA fighter Ben Askren with thunderous knockouts. He gained two wins over former UFC Welterweight Champion Tyrone Woodley. Paul also has run afoul of various people in the combat sports including but not limited to: Colby Covington, Dana White, Daniel Corimer, the Fury brothers, & Jorge Masvidal. His controversial attitude and trolling has made him public enemy number one for the world of combat sports.


Combat sport legend Anderson Silva made his return to pro boxing in 2020 following his retirement from MMA. He’s racked up a series of wins since then, including over former rival Tito Ortiz. The fight between SIlva and Paul was announced on September 6th. Unlike many other of the fights Paul has been in, there wasn’t as much trash talk. Paul spoke often about how he respected and idolized Silva since watching him dominate the UFC. 


In the undercard, Chris Avila defeated internet personality Doctor Mike by unanimous decision. Former UFC fighter Uriah Hall devastated former NFL fighter Le’Von Bell in another unanimous decision win. Alexander Santiago beat Antonio Nieves after Neives threw in the towel. Ashton Sylve got a first round KO win over Braulio Rodriguez. The main event saw Paul and Silva go the distance and Paul was declared winner by unanimous decision. Paul thanked Silva for the fight and proceeded to call out Nate Diaz and Mexican boxing sensation Canelo Alvarez


However the fight wasn’t all sunshine for Jake Paul. The PPV reported only 200,000-300,000 buys, extremely low compared to Paul’s other fights. Paul expressed disappointment at the number. Some accused Paul and Silva of fight rigging, an accusation following the result of all Paul fights. There was also the presence of Nate Diaz. Diaz apparently tried to enter Paul’s locker room and an altercation ensued. This exchange is why Paul called out Diaz following the right. 


Boxing events are available to watch on a variety of platforms including HBO, Showtime, and FITE TV.