You is Different and I’m Not Sure I like it

You season 1 was beautifully and simply, complicated. The story drew you in with its true crime like charm and made you stay because you were now questioning all of your morals and a part of you is rooting for the main character who is a serial stalker and murderer. You season 4 seems to have a goal to redeem the serial stalker and murderer all together. Joe, or as known in this season Jonathan, was constantly saying how “he didn’t want to do this anymore,” and “is not that person.” While this could be a commentary on how he lies to himself in order to convince himself he is a good person despite all the murders he has committed. At first glance this aspect of the season makes Joe seem out of control of his actions. As if deep down he wants to change, but can’t. Even though he could consciously choose to not murder someone everyday.

Season 4 is wildly different for a couple reasons. One being the director has changed. Penn Badgley, the star of the show, made his debut as a director this season. The other change was that the scheme of the entire season was changed. Normally the audience is completely in the know with all the murders because Joe is the culprit. However, this time it was a “whodunnit” theme. Call me crazy, but haven’t we seen this recently? Does the title Knives Out and its sequel that came out this year Glass Onion ring a bell?

The entire season was building up to find out who was the stalker that was stalking Joe. It seemed that he had finally met his match. However, that aspect was not teased out enough. The stalker did not make Joe do anything heinous. The most that happened was him finding himself in some awkward situations. 

Then it seems that Joe finally found a reasonable suspect towards the end of the show, but then the real culprit is revealed within the last twenty minutes. This left me rather disappointed because none of the clues that were left behind or inner motives that were revealed were resolved. The entire last episode was rushed and ended with Joe’s inner monologue of him wanting to stop the murderer’s evil plans.

According to Economic times part two of this season will be released on March 9, 2023. I am hoping that this will save the season; however, I have a feeling I will be disappointed.