Shooting at House Party on Killam Avenue

Incident leaves Norfolk State University community in shock

A fatal shooting near Old Dominion University (ODU) on Killam Avenue occurred early on the morning of Sept. 4, killing two people and injuring four more, reports Wavy. The shooting took place off campus at a house party in which multiple weapons were used. 

No ODU students were injured in the incident; however, multiple of the injured victims were students at Norfolk State University (NSU). One of the victims who later succumbed to her injuries at the hospital was identified as Angelia McKnight, a 19-year-old student at NSU. In an official statement on NSU’s Instagram page, President Javaune Adams-Gaston stated:

“It is with heartfelt sympathy that I inform the campus community that Angelia Aracelis McKnight has passed away as a result of her injuries. Angelia was a second-year student, Pre-Nursing major, and native of New York. Our prayers and condolences are with Angelia’s family and all those impacted by this tragic event. 

Angelia’s life was important and every Spartan is a key member of our campus. With our strength, we will continue to work together. Our culture of care embraces pulling together as a Spartan family during these challenging times.”

Indya D. Richards, NSU’s Student Government Association (SGA)  president also released a statement on the SGA Instagram page in which she said:

“It is with great sadness to be writing this letter in grief and mourning of the recent shooting that happened this weekend. One of our very own became a victim to this senseless gun violence. We are praying for the family and friends of Angelia Aracelis McKnight, who lost her life during this tragic event. Our deepest condolences go out to those who have been affected. Angelia was a smart and uplifting spirit to all those who knew her and a fellow Spartan to all.”

Their full statements can be found on their Instagrams: @norfolkstateuniversity and @officialnsusga

Alexandra Butts, a senior at NSU told The Captain’s Log she was shocked upon hearing about the recent tragedy.

When asked if this incident made her, as a college student, concerned for her own safety, Butts said, “Yes, it most definitely does. I hear that around ODU it’s full of dangerous situations. It’s only 10 miles from me so students are always at a huge risk when it comes to being away from their homes.”

She also said, “I think certain places around ODU I will stay away from. But, if I feel it’s safe I will gladly go out. I usually don’t go off campus to party anyways from all the horror stories of shootings. I will always put my safety first above all!”

Nyjah Harris, a second-year ODU student, expressed her concerns about safety on such an open campus. She said she carries a taser, pepper spray, and other self-defense items on her whenever she leaves her dorm. In addition, Harris almost never goes out after dark and makes sure to share her location with family and friends when she goes off-campus.  

“I was really concerned. The amount of tragedies that have happened within the past week have made me very sad, worried, and uneasy. We normally hear about shootings near campus, which is sad to say because shootings in Norfolk seem to have become so normalized and part of everyday life here. However, since I’ve been at ODU, we never had consecutive tragedies within a singular week like this,” Harris said, describing her initial reaction to hearing about the shooting.