Protests Rage After Death of Young Iranian Women

A timeline of the protests in Iran


The brutal torture and murder of Mahsa Amini has sparked nationwide protests against the regime in Iran and their oppressive laws against women. Amini was murdered by Iran’s “morality police” for having an “improper hijab.”


U.S. Secretary of State, Antony J. Blinken, said in a press statement on Sept. 22, “In response to this and other human rights violations in Iran—including the violent suppression of peaceful protests—the United States is imposing sanctions on Iran’s Morality Police and senior security officials who have engaged in serious human rights abuses, pursuant to Executive Order 13553. The Morality Police, an element of Iran’s Law Enforcement Forces (LEF), arrests women for wearing “inappropriate” hijab and enforces other restrictions on freedom of expression.” 


Thousands of Iranians have now joined anti-government and anti-compulsory hijab protests. While Iran’s dictatorship has used the military and police against the protests, the protesters continue stronger than ever.


Below is a timeline of the events that occurred in Iran following Amini’s murder. 


September 14th Mahsa Amini, a Kurdish Iranian woman, was arrested by morality police in Tehran. She was beaten by the police following her arrest and fell into a coma. 


September 17th – Mahsa dies of her injuries. Protests break out against the government across the country hours after her death. Protestors chant “Death to dictator” “Khamenei (Supreme Leader of Iran) is a murderer!” “Iran will be free!”


September 18th – Iranian government cuts off access to the internet. Police fire live rounds at protesters, killing several


September 20th – Images of Iranian women burning the hijab and cutting their hair circulate social media


September 22nd – Iranian government websites hit with cyber attacks by Anonymous. Police stations burned by protesters as clashes break out. Members of the Iranian National Football Team cover their flags in protest during a pre-World Cup game. Multiple world leaders criticize Iran at the UN General Assembly. 


September 23rd – Iranian government attempts to organize pro-government counter protests. 


September 24th – International solidarity protests begin. International groups confirm security forces are firing on protesters using live rounds. Journalists are arrested.


September 27th – Iranian oil workers threaten to strike. The US and Canada sanction Iran. 


September 28th – Iranian military launches a drone strike against a city in the Kurdistan region in Iraq, blaming Kurds for the protests. 


September 30th – Iranian police murder almost 90 during Friday prayers in Zahedan in retaliation for protests against corruption. 


October 1st – Thousands around the world protest in solidarity with the Iranian people. Australia, Iraq, Indonesia, Turkey, the USA,the UK, and Germany among them. Many women around the world cut their hair as many Iranian women have done


October 2nd – Supreme Leader Khamenei addresses Iran, blames Israel and the U.S. for the protests. Schoolgirl protests begin after young protester Nika Shakarami was abducted and murdered by Iranian soldiers. Many school children join protests. Images and video of them destroying photos of the Supreme Leader circulate internationally.


October 5th – Iranian soldiers continue to fire on protesters at universities. Iraqi born Swedish MEP Abir Al-Sahlani cuts her hair during a speech to the EU Parliament in solidarity with Iranian women. United States President Joe Biden adds more sanctions on Iranian officials. 


October 8th – Anti-government group Ali’s Justice hacks Iranian state TV where they showed an image of Khamenei being targeted by a set of crosshairs while being surrounded by flames and multiple protest slogans. President Ebrahim Raisi was booed out of Alzahra University in Tehran.


October 9th – Schoolgirls abducted by soldiers. Oil workers begin strike. Soldiers begin targeting and killing Kurdish protesters specifically. 


October 10th – The United Kingdom puts more sanctions on Iran. Germany, France, and other EU nations are set to follow. 


October 11th – Protests continue and government buildings are set ablaze. Social media videos show tanks coming into areas with a heavy Kurdish population. Government attempting to institutionalize protesters who are minors in mental hospitals. 


October 12th – More oil workers join the protest. Iranian troops filmed firing indiscriminately into the mostly Kurdish city of Sanandaj. Revolutionary group Tehran Youth calls for nationwide revolution. U.S. State Department says renegotiation of the Iran nuclear deal is on hold and the U.S. supports the protesters. 


October 13th – Some Iranian politicians propose a re-examination of the compulsory hijab law. Iran intensifies brutality on Kurdish regions protesting, causing accusations of genocide.


October 14th -CNN confirms 23 schoolchildren have been killed by Iranian military. Shocking video of woman being sexually assaulted by Iranian police in Tehran leaked online.