Six Ways to Stay Warm this Winter Season


The festive holiday season may be over, but that cold winter weather is here to stay for a while longer! As CNU students reluctantly leave winter break behind and dive back into “college mode,” they might be finding it challenging to adjust. The cold days and even colder evenings along with the lack of sunlight makes for a dreary, unwelcoming return to campus life. 


Early morning classes and evening walks to the dining hall become a nuisance to have to bundle up for. Even the short walk to Harris Teeter or Panera can seem far too unpleasant in the current weather. 


At this point in the year, many students may already be longing for friendlier weather and dreaming of walks around campus, playing frisbee with friends, enjoying a good book on the Great Lawn, or shooting hoops on the basketball court. 


So while everyone anxiously awaits the arrival of spring, here are six tips for staying cozy this winter.

  • Own lots of sweaters

If you’re a big fan of cozy knit sweaters or oversized sweatshirts, then this is the perfect way to stay warm this winter. And if you don’t own any sweaters, or don’t own enough (is there such a thing as too many?), then this is your sign to go out and buy some! Places like Kohls and T.J. Maxx have great post-holiday sales right now. Treat yourself!

  • Down Jackets

While sweaters are always stylish and nice to have in your wardrobe, a good down jacket will keep you extra warm this winter! Of course, they tend to cost a lot, which is why investing in a good quality one is important. If you’re looking for one, now is the perfect time because of the aforementioned post-holiday sales. While they are pricey, the good news is that if you properly care for yours, it will last you a long time!

  • Stay inside as much as possible!

This one may seem silly, but it’s true. The best way to stay warm is to stay inside. Now that doesn’t mean hunker down in your dorm, skipping classes and never seeing your friends ever again. However, if you’re feeling especially sensitive to the cold, make choices to maximize your time inside – wherever inside may be. So if you don’t want to walk in the cold to the library, then create a good study place in your dorm room. Or if you just got out of class and want to do some school work before your next class, you can sit in one of the many common areas in the academic building that you’re already in, instead of walking to the library or all the way back to your dorm. As for meals, if you can afford it, you could DoorDash some of your food so that you only have to walk to the front of your residence hall to pick up your food!

  • Heated blanket and slippers

If you find yourself getting cold even when you’re inside, then a heated blanket might be the solution for you! You can purchase these online and have them shipped to school. In addition, slippers will also help you retain body heat and you can wear them around as house shoes if you get the kind with rubber soles. 

  • Drink hot liquids

Drinking any hot liquid, like coffee, will warm you from the inside out. Hot cocoa is also a great go-to winter drink. Owning a frother can turn your at-home cocoa into a fancy Starbucks quality drink. You could also add things like cinnamon, whipped cream, or a candy cane! Or how about hot cocoa bombs? They sell a variety of different flavored hot cocoa bombs at the grocery store and even Dollar Tree. 

  • Imagine that you’re somewhere warm!

This might sound like an impossible task, but if you’re feeling cold, try to picture what it would feel like to be somewhere tropical – like Hawaii. It often helps to avoid fixating on whatever is bringing you discomfort, in this case, the cold weather. So put yourself in a sunny mindset and see if you feel any warmer!! Or perhaps this silly suggestion will make you so angry and frustrated that your temper will rise, and in turn, so will your internal body temperature! So whether you’re picturing Hawaii or letting your anger fuel your warmth, this might just help you avoid the cold!