Road Trip Essentials

Staff writer ranks her road trip essentials

Over spring break, I went on a lot of long road trips that had traffic stops and long roads that were straight ahead 67-mile long roads. For long road trips like this, whether it’s spring time or winter time, there needs to be some essentials or suggestions so that your road trip can be more bearable.

First off: Restaurants. 9 times out of 10, you wanna grab a quick bite to eat before you get too far ahead in your trip. Here are some suggestions I have: 

– Chik fil a: it’s fairly common, so it won’t be hard to find. It’s not for everyone, but it has something for everyone and has good lemonade too. 

-Next, Cook-out: If you have a lot of people, Cook-out has options everyone will like for cheap prices so you don’t have to spend a fortune. 

-Third, Sheetz: Sheetz has so many choices either made-to-order, off the shelves, or hot and ready to go while also giving the opportunity for you to get gas. A two in one, if you will. 

-Fourth, Dunkin’ Donuts: Most of the time, driving can make you drowsy and sleepy and you’ll need a caffeine boost. If you also have a sweet tooth, Dunkin’ is the place for you. 

-Last, Wawa: The smoothies at Wawa are refreshing if you’re more of a health nut. They also have made-to-order food for if you’re looking for more of a hardy meal while also providing gas pumps for a quick fuel up.

Another thing you want to consider when preparing for a long road trip is good songs. Songs that will keep you thriving will driving.

-First, California Girls by Katy Perry: Everyone knows this song, you know it, everyone in your car will know it, and everyone can jam out. It’s the perfect road trip song.

-Next, Hotel Room Service by Pitbull: This song will get anyone excited for your destination and it’ll create its own party in your car. A must-listen.

-Third, Hotel California by Eagles: After all the modern pop, you’ll need a little throwback sesh for a bit. This song will get you feelin’ those oldie vibes and jammin’ down I-64.

Fourth, Ready or Not by Bridgit Mendler: This mid-tempo song is one that any road trip would need. Its vibe would set the mood for the destination ahead.


Essentials are of course essential on a road trip. There are five essentials I think every road trip should have.

-First, water: You never wanna be dehydrated when you’re driving in the middle of nowhere. Make sure the bottle has a lot of ounces, too. You always want to have enough.

-Next, a different drink of your choice: gatorade, lemonade, soda, etc. You have to cancel the water out somehow.

-Third, a good snack: You’re gonna have the munchies at some point, so you might as well have a snack handy.

-Fourth, a cozy thing: a blanket, slippers, fuzzy socks, etc. Even if it’s hot outside, you always feel better driving when you have a comfort item nearby.

-Last, charger: Imagine your favorite song plays and your phone dies, or you need directions and your phone checks out. Absolutely always pack a charger.