Annual Staff Appreciation Day

The Student Government Association honors the hard work of the CNU Staff


Photo Taken by Captain’s Log Staff

On march 14 the Student Government Association (SGA) held the fifth Staff Appreciation Day honoring the staff of CNU. The event started with some remarks by interim president Adelia Thompson who complimented the students as well as the staff. 

SGA president Celine Rosario said, “The event went very well. It was beautiful to see staff and students intermingling and giving staff the recognition they deserve.”

Abbie Domingue said she was, “really happy with the amount of faculty that we had show up, as well as faculty that just showed up to support the event. There’s a lot of faculty there that weren’t receiving an award, but still came. I was also really happy with the amount of students who came.”

Another thing about this event is that it does not just highlight professors, but also groundskeeping, kitchen staff and other staff that may not come to the immediate mind. 

Domingue said, “There was a good amount of dining hall staff and maintenance staff [nominated]”.

Rosario said, “Though these individuals may not be on the frontline, they should still be recognized for their work.”

Something they would both like to see improve next year for the event is attendance. Specifically by students

Domingue said, “I would love for it to just be a whole school phenomenon.”

Rosario said, “In the future, we would like to have more students in attendance.”

The nominations come from the students themselves, so support and attendance from students is highly encouraged.


In total they had over 200 responses for their nominations. Alot of those were repeats but it was a record amount of response for SGA. Not only does the nomination matter, but SGA also looks at all comments students make on the nomination. In total they handed out over 20 awards during the event.


For Rosario, her favorite part of the event was, “Giving the certificates and plaques to staff. Seeing their faces light up with joy for being appreciated by the students they serve. So many staff work hard across the campus and although we could not mention all the hard-working staff here at CNU, we were able to highlight the special moments students have observed for staff who have gone above and beyond.”


Domingue loved it when, “We took a picture of all the winners on the stage and everyone’s clapping.”


Overall Domingue thought, “This event was so great and I’m really happy with the event and how it turned out”