Greek Week 2023

CNU three day tradition kicks off with a talent show

On March 27th majority of CNU Greek Life came together to start Greek Week. This year’s theme is called Greekolodoen. Some of the events held at Greek Week are meant to raise money for each fraternity and sorority’s philanthropy. However, the first event on March 27th did not appear to have that goal. The goal seemed to just bring all of the Greek Organizations together. The first event of Greek Week was a Talent Show. There were a variety of acts. The first was a drum solo by Zen Taylor of Pi Lambda Phi. One that stood out was a miniature fashion show by Henry Sergent of FIJI. While Sergent did not say much about his clothing brand, one of his shirts featured in the picture above said “Stop Shein Hauls.” 

A popular theme amongst the performances was lip syncing. Alpha Phi submitted a music video reenacting One Direction’s song “Best Song Ever.” The Alpha Phi members leaned into the reenactment and dressed as the One Direction Members. Alpha Sigma Alpha did something similar but live. They lip synced several songs one of which being “Baby” by Justin Bieber. These members also chose to wear a costume dressed as the singers of the songs they were lipsyncing. Their routine also included choreography that the crowd went wild for. 

Alpha Kappa Alpha performed the hit song from the show Victorious “Take a Hint.” The two members sang and danced to the entire song. They received a good amount of cheer from the audience. Sigma Phi Epsilon also performed a duet, but brought their own instruments. In a guitar and piano duet the two brothers sang “Something in the Orange” by Zach Bryan. The crowd was enthusiastic about the performance. Gamma Phi Beta also performed a duet. One sister was on the piano and one was singing “If I Ain’t Got You” by Alicia Keys. The crowd held up their flashlights from their phones to express their approval.

The next Greek Events are Tuesday March 28th at 6pm on the Greek Lawn. The event is called “Greekolodoen Cuisine.” On Wednesday March 29th at 7pm  is an event called “Double Dare” which is described to be a trivia event on @cnugreeklife on Instagram. Thursday March 30th at 6pm is “Greek Olympics” which is exactly what it sounds like. Each organization will have teams to compete in playing a variety of physically involved games. Finally, on Friday March 31st at 5pm an event called “Krowd Pleaserz” which is described to be a festival.

The Penny Wars continue throughout the week which is when each organization has a table in the David Student Union with jars to collect the most pennies. The winner will get to donate all of the pennies from the other organizations.