Six Best Menu Items at the CNU Dining Halls


One doesn’t have to go on Yik Yak to know that the Christopher Newport University Dining Halls can
receive some flak. However, nobody can deny that Regatta’s and Commons has at least a few great
options for every Captain with a meal plan. Here are eight menu items served at CNU dining halls that
are undeniably good.
1. Omelet Bar at Commons
The only breakfast option on this list, Commons offers made-to-order omelets during breakfast every
weekday from 7:00-10:30am. While the line can get long between classes, the omelet line is often
shorter and allows each student to customize their omelets with their choice of ham, cheese, tomatoes,
onions, black olives, mushrooms, green bell peppers, and often bacon and hashbrowns. Unless
specified, the omelets will come on yellow egg, although you can ask for white egg for a milder egg-
taste. The Omelet Bar at Commons provides a tasty breakfast that can be as healthy as you want it, from
an all-vegie omelet to traditional breakfast foods of bacon and hashbrowns. The liberty this option
provides makes the Commons Omelet Bar a top choice for breakfast before or after any morning class or
2. Grilled Cheese/Burger Line at Regattas
Another customizable option, the Regattas Grilled Cheese/Burger Line is open for lunch, mixed grill, and
dinner every weekday from 11:00-2:00pm, 2:00-4:00pm, and 4:30-8:00pm, respectively. The line can
vary in length and duration, but that is primarily because each burger and grilled cheese is made-to-
order on the spot. With your choice of cheese and an option of bacon, the Grilled Cheese/Burger Line at
Regattas offers a perfect alternative to any afternoon meal. Students can also order patty melts, or
burgers with regular bread buns. And with easy options of tomatoes, lettuce, pickles, onions, and
convenient access to multiple condiments, this option is an easy pick for this list.
3. Sandwich Station at Commons
As a generally overlooked dining hall option, Commons’ Sandwich Station usually has a short line,
making it a quick and delicious lunch option, although it is often also available at dinner as well. The
sandwich station makes made-to-order sandwiches with your choice of flatbread, whole wheat, honey
wheat, sub roll, or white bread and an array of deli meats like ham, tuna, roast beef, and more. From
there, students can order cheese and vegetable toppings before toasting it or not and topping it off with
mayo or mustard. This lesser-known menu entry is therefore a consistently great option for Commons’
4. Mongolian Grill at Regattas
An easy selection and among the most popular options on this list, the Mongolian Grill line at Regattas
has been a fable for many of us post-Covid Captains until very recently. But with its return this semester,
the Mongolian Grill Line offers a fantastic meal for lunch or dinner. As a more popular option, the
Mongolian Grill does tend to have a longer line, a downside exacerbated since the food, selected by the
student, is cooked on the spot. However, the ability to create your own Mongolian dish often outweighs
this time commitment as students can choose any or all options of noodles, plenty of fruits and

vegetables, an array of meats like beef, chicken, pork, or scallops, and even more options of dry
seasonings and sauces. An admittedly inconvenient option at times, the Mongolian Grill Line at Regattas
still clearly deserves its spot on this list.
5. Wing Wednesday at Commons
Among the few non-customizable options on this list, Wing Wednesday at Commons is also among the
less-popular options on this list, meaning the lines are usually pretty short. Placed at the burger line in
Commons, Wing Wednesday offers a rotation of different seasoned wings each week, with plain wings
being the constant as barbecue, buffalo, and other wing varieties are circled though. Usually served with
fries, this quick and easy option provides a consistently delicious dinner, making it an easy selection for
this list.
6. Orange Chicken at Regattas
While the Mongolian Grill was down the past two years over quarantine, a few classic Asian dishes at
Regattas became the closest thing CNU students had to the customizable eating option mentioned
above such as General Tso’s Chicken, Beef and Broccoli, and Orange Chicken. However, this last option
became an easy favorite at Regattas with lines stretching around the cafeteria and wrapping around
towards the burger line at times. With the grand reopening of the Mongolian Grill, however, the fate of
this signature Regattas dish is unclear. However, should Orange Chicken return and remain on the
regular rotation of Regattas dinners, it would be an obvious choice for this list as a rare but popular and
delicious menu item at Regattas.