If Only We Could Stop Worrying

The Don’t Worry Darling Drama Continues

Just when it seemed like the drama surrounding Olivia Wilde’s new film, Don’t  Worry Darling, couldn’t get worse, the 2022 Venice Film Festival happened. Throughout the two days there were missing cast members, “clearing the air”, awkward avoidances, a surprise kiss, and spitting? 

On Saturday, September 5th, most of the cast touched down in Venice to do a press panel before the premiere. Harry Styles, Gemma Chan, Chris Pine, and Olivia Wilde all were there; however, many were focused on whether the film’s lead, Florence Pugh, would join them despite a rumored feud with Wilde. Pugh wasn’t there because according to her reps, she was too busy filming for Dune: Part II.

During the panel, a British journalist asked if Wilde can “clear the air” and address the feud rumors. Wilde averts the question stating, “Florence is a force.” and that she’s “honored” to have Pugh as her lead. She calls the feud “endless tabloid gossip and noise” that she doesn’t feel the need to contribute to. When another reporter asks to follow up about the “noise” the moderator denies him saying it “has been answered.” When the reporter explained that his question was about the controversy with Shia LeBeouf, it was still denied. 5 minutes later, Pugh was spotted in Venice dressed in purple Valentino with a drink in hand.

Fans were also surprised to see that Wilde and Styles’ seats were separated. What seemed like awkward tension has sparked scrutiny once again in their relationship. During the panel Chan and Pine were placed between the two and people noticed that they didn’t seem to make eye contact with each other. This led to rumors about a break-up. However, the two have not addressed it.

 Harry wasn’t the only one to avoid Wilde. Pugh also seemed to be avoiding eye contact. Although they can be seen clapping in each other’s direction during the film’s 5 minute standing ovation, Pugh left before the standing ovation was over. Her stylist, Rebbecca Corbin even referenced the controversy by captioning an Instagram post about Florence with “Miss Flo” alluding to the video of Wilde begging LeBeouf to stay on the film.  

Pugh leaving wasn’t the only shocking thing to happen during the premiere, Styles was being talked about all over social media for sharing a celebratory kiss with co-star Nick Kroll and for apparently spitting on Pine. Pine’s rep calls it a “complete fabrication” and Styles jokes that he “popped very quickly to Venice to spit on Chris Pine” during his show in New York City. Both seem to deny that it happened but some fans are still not convinced. 

Even with the mixed reviews the film has been given, the drama around it has left fans ready to buy tickets when it comes out.