Don’t Worry Darling Review

Despite the Controversy Wilde Pulled the Production Together

Dont Worry Darling movie poster courtesy of IMDB

Don’t Worry Darling movie poster courtesy of IMDB

Don’t Worry Darling has once again hit headlines. This time, people are actually talking about the movie. The psychological thriller dropped in theaters Friday and people have a lot to say. There’s a mixture of opinions on whether the film was good or bad. The suspenseful build-up, shocking revelations, and unanswered questions throughout the movie definitely opens up a conversation into what it was that the audience just watched. 


The film is set in the 1950s in a town called Victory where everything is perfect. The neighborhoods are very symmetrical and orderly, the husbands are the perfect, dutiful workers and the wives are the beautiful, caring housewives. However, the main character, Alice, played by Florence Pugh, begins to realize that something isn’t right about her husband’s job or the town. As she starts to break out of her faithful housewife role and begins to question everything, her husband, Jack, played by Harry Styles, is desperately trying to keep her from ruining their perfect life. 


Like most psychological thrillers, the viewers are left constantly wondering what’s going to happen next. It’s like watching a volcano that’s about to erupt. Issues kept arising that created a build up until the third act, where it all exploded. The placement of the music and the song choice really helped add to the suspense and the audience was left on the edge of their seat throughout the majority of the film. However, there were many events that were left unexplained and viewers were divided on whether or not they liked that. Many were disappointed with the plot holes while others felt that it added to the mysterious theme of the movie. 


Along with that, there are many instances of symbolism that helped add to the intrigue of the movie. For example, the strap of Alice’s dress was always falling down. This could symbolize her breaking from the symmetry and order of the “perfect” town. Also, the plane that begins Alice’s questioning of Victory may symbolize her subconsciously wanting to escape.


To nobody’s surprise, Pugh gave an amazing performance. She has been known to play roles like this incredibly well as she’s very good at portraying a character’s slow spiral as the world around her falls apart. Even Styles, in his first lead role, did an amazing job portraying his very complex character. A lot of people had their doubts because many singers turned actors don’t do very well in lead roles. Of course, there were some parts that show his lack of experience, especially next to his talented costars. However, Styles played Jack Chambers so well that it’s hard to imagine anyone else playing him. The rest of the cast, including Chris Pine, Gemma Chan, and director Olivia Wilde did a phenomenal job in their roles as well. They all portrayed their characters so well that even given the drama, they proved that they were meant to be in this film. 


Even though there’s a lot of controversy surrounding her, Wilde was able to create a film with just enough questions left unanswered, that viewers are left wanting more.