Fun Things in Fall

A list of fun activities for you and your friends to do this fall!

FALL IS FINALLY HERE! No more melting in brutal heat waves, sweater weather has come upon us! While you may be stressing midterm work right now you’re also wondering what exciting things you can do in the fall. Here is 5 fun things you can do in the fall


1.Do something fun with apples

Apple picking is always fun. There’s plenty of farms in Virginia where you can pick apples. Most apple farms grow a variety of fresh apples too. If you can’t go apple picking or you picked too many apples, there’s a plethora of foods that can be made with apples. Apple pie, apple butter, apple donuts, apple cider, apple cobbler, caramel apples, and candy apples to name a few. 


2.Watch a horror movie or at least a mildly spooky movie

Theres nothing like watching something spooky in the spookiest time of year. You can go to a movie theater and see what’s new and scary. You can go to some theaters and see a classic screened, many theaters locally screen classic horror films this time of year, like the Naro in Norfolk. You also have vast selections of spooky season movies on every streaming platform (if you’re looking for a horror exclusive streaming service, there is SHUDDER). You also have the classic DVDs or VHS. Watch them with your friends or family or partner. Make a marathon out of it even! 


3.Visit a haunted house.

Scientists say we love to be scared, it provides a catharsis. So indulge in it and go get yourself scared. You have legitimately haunted locations across the state and simulated haunted houses with people dressed as clowns and demons. Don’t lie to yourself, you enjoy the adrenaline rush. 



Pumpkins are a fall tradition. The Jack o lantern itself can be traced to ancient times. Pumpkin patches are quite literally unavoidable during the fall. Go out and find yourself a nice pumpkin. You can eat it and make dishes out of it. If not, then carve it in whatever way you wish and make sure that the light stays burning all night on All Hallow’s Eve.


5.Go outside and enjoy nature

The leaves fall and turn gorgeous colors during this season. Go take hikes and let the majesty of nature surround you. Let the crisp fall air go against your face and become entranced with the colors of leaves. You can fly kites and explore so many different fun things outside as fall comes around. 


Fall may be stressful at school but make sure you take some time to breathe and let yourself enjoy the season. The season brings out the best in all of us.