Big Man on Campus

Zeta hosted this annual event to raise money for their philanthropy


This past Friday, the sorority Zeta Tau Alpha had their first in person Big Man on Campus philanthropy event since 2019 which benefits Zeta’s national philanthropy; Breast Cancer Education and Awareness. 

It is an annual all-male pageant where different organizations on campus can have a member represent them and if their contestant wins, they are able to donate

part of the proceeds to their philanthropy or a charity of their choice. 

This year’s competition did not disappoint as it was a night filled with fun talents, wacky pink costumes, and of course, further information on the importance of fighting back against breast cancer. 

In total, there were ten contestants who represented different fraternities, sororities, and on campus organizations such as CAB and The Marching Captains and students did not hesitate to come out and support their friends and representatives as they battled it out on stage to see who truly was the best man on campus.

 It was a packed and enthusiastic audience that laughed, cheered at the top of their lungs, and even pulled out their flashlights on their phones to sway to a romantic song a contestant was singing. 

The pageant had three parts: describe your perfect date, the talent show, and the best pink outfit section. In addition to contestants gaining points from the social media contest and donation contest, there were three judges all from different backgrounds with

one being a CNU alum, another being a CNU professor, and the final judge being a

representative of Zeta Tau Alpha nationals. 

The men did not hold back when it came to the competition. For the perfect date section, answers ranged from heartwarming and romantic to hilarious and relatable. There was definitely not a single date that sounded boring or unjoyable.

 However, things really ramped up when it came to the talent section which was

when the contestants became even more creative. Some men went with the classic option and

sang a song. Phi Mu’s representative Garrett Faber sang the country song Die a Happy Man

while Delta Upsilon’s Josh Menichetti went all out and sang an Elvis song perfectly while in an

Elvis costume. CAB’s Cole Guinther opted to instead lip sync to Old Time Rock and Roll while in the Risky Business costume. 

There were two dj’s who created some amazing beats, a juggler, and even a guy who played the Game of Thrones theme on a kazoo with a “direwolf” stuffed animal. 

Finally, the men shone when they strutted out in their all pink outfits which had no limits. Contestants came out with pink feather boas, cowboy hats, capes, tights, and more. Audience

members could not stop cheering and laughing with wide eyes as they witnessed these men

give it their all.

 It was a tough competition as every contestant did exceedingly well; however,

three men had to come out on top in addition to one being named the fan favorite. Josh

Menichetti, the Elvis impersonator, won fan favorite while Garrett Faber came in third, Kenneth

Hansin from SigEp, one of the dj’s, came in second and CNU Marching Captains’ very own RJ

Williams won first and became the best man on campus. Williams played an amazing song with

his saxophone and blew the audience and judges away. 

Ultimately, it was an incredibly successful event with Zeta Tau Alpha raising over $1000 for Breast Cancer Education and Awareness.